Exclusive Order

Give Us Your Exclusive Order:
because Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth

To successfully sell a piece of real estate is not a trfiling matter. So it is definitely worth getting support in terms of professional competency and experience. The way to ensure that you really get complete commitment is giving an exclusive order.

The Exclusive Order: the Clean Solution

Only by giving a so-called exclusive order, you obligate the broker for the whole length of the contract to undertake intensive efforts in order to close the desired deal, be it the purchase or the sale. By accepting the exclusive order, real estate brokers take on the obligation to put at their client’s disposal:

  • their entire expertise,
  • their connections,
  • their market knowledge and
  • their knowledge about the entire handling procedures of dealing with real estate.

Those who think that the chances for a sale increase when several brokers look after the same piece of real estate, are mistaken. Just the opposite is true: if several brokers get parallel orders, this has serious drawbacks:

  • A so-called general order does not obligate the broker to undertake any particular activities.
  • The potential buyer runs the risk of having to pay a full commission several times over.
  • Often, the same piece of real estate is being offered in the same newspaper ad section at the same time, sometimes even quoting different prices.
  • Real property offered by several different parties gives a shady impression – chances for a sale decrease!

So give us your exclusive order right from the start – and profit from all of our commitment and performance!