Optimum Financing Strategy: More Than Just Good Conditions

There are many options to finance a piece of real estate, but most clients don't look closely at these options even though they could save a lot of money that way. We’d like to consult you about this and draw up an individual financing strategy together with our partners. Learn more about this in a personal conversation. Here, you can find a first short impression of why we think that this topic is so important.

Important when you’re living in your own home

We often come across the phenomenon that people looking for property simply compare the conditions of different banks without thinking about an appropriate asset strategy beforehand. This is surprising, since many more parameters play an important role here: e.g. the income and expense situation including its perspectives for the future, if you want kids, what career perspectives you have, the appraisal of your capital assets, the time-frame in which you want to get rid of your credits, return-on-investment calculations and of course insurance against risk. Not to forget governmental bonuses and subsidies.

Important as an investment and retirement provisions

Real estate has always been and still is one of the safest possibilities for capital investment and retirement provisions. Together with you, we’ll calculate all possible options and assist you in procuring your individual financing. We’ll inform you about tax benefits, subsidies and secure forms of capital investment. It is our goal to draw up a personal, optimal comprehensive concept for you – providing you with long-term security at beneficial conditions.

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