Marketing You Can Count On: Our Concept for Your Success

When selling real estate, time is a valuable parameter, e.g. whenever you

  • want to sell a piece of real estate as a capital asset in order to realize a value increase
  • want to sell a piece of real estate in order to finance a new property or lot

In these cases, a concrete time schedule is worth real money. And that's exactly where we are happy to support you with our long-standing sales expertise.

Faster than average

The industry’s average marketing time for properties in city regions is currently between 8 and 12 months. But: the longer a piece of real state is being offered on the market, the more difficult it gets to actually sell it.

That's why we act fast: with our individual marketing strategy we’re able to shorten marketing times drastically.

Currently, we need just 119 days on average between getting the order and the final contract notarization!

119 days instead of 8–12 months: our time advantage will earn you good money.