We Search Actively: Use Our Client Database

Particularly interesting when you want to sell your property: our active search database. Many potential buyers who do not find their dream property right away have given us their order to search for them. We then draw up an individual search profile containing all relevant data.

Many potential clients wanting to buy or rent don't have the time to take a look at each single object. This may be due to mere physical distance to their new city (e.g. when a family from abroad wants to move to the Rhine-Main area) or because they have already spent some time looking in vain. In such cases we’re there, happy to help you.

The benefit for sellers

These potential clients are particularly interesting for private persons wanting to sell their property.

So please take a close look at our properties wanted section: if you discover a potential client in the short profiles of our search requests, just send us your real estate and contact data by e-mail so that we can offer your property as fast as possible.

For you as the property owner, this service is free of charge!

Our e-mail address: Gesuche@best-homes-4-you.de